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Leslie Stevenson

I have been involved with cheerleading since 2000. I started with the Saskatoon Hilltops and cheered with them for 4 years. I have coached all levels of cheerleading from the Tiny division all the way to a collegiate level. I coached the Fairhaven Community for 2 years, I helped start the program for Delisle and coached Delisle for 4 years.I coached Hilltops cheerleading for 2 years, and I started the program at Warman High School in 2004 and I continue to coach Warman High school and I started my 9th year in September 2013. I started Warman Ultimate Cheerleading in 2009 and the club is in its 8th season. I won coach of the year in 2010 and I am an active member at large with the SCA/ 



CPR and First Aid level 1

Level 1-3 SCA coaching certified

Level 1-3 USASF coaching certified




Ashley Markwart

I started cheerleading in 2003 with Bedford Road. I did all four years with Bedford. After highschool I went on to cheer with the Saskatoon Hilltops as well as Prairie Fire Cheerleading until 2011. At Prairie Fire cheerleading I coached a  Level 2 team. After 3 years cheering the Saskatoon Hilltops on I moved into a assistant coaching job. This past season I am glad to say I was head coach.  I came out to Warman Ultimate in 2011 and coached the Level 3 Sapphire team for four  years as well as the Diamonds for 2 years. This season I am coaching the Peridot team as well as Topaz with Leslie. I am looking for a great out come for my teams as well as the club.


CPR and First Aid level 1

USASF levels 1-3

Levels 1-3 SCA coaching certified

Respect in sport

Gymnastics level 1 and 2


Amber McMurphy

I started with Warman Highschool cheerleading in 2005 and I cheered with them until I graduated in 2010. I started coaching the Warman Highschool team last year and I am continuing with them again this year. I started with the Warman Ultimate family in 2009 and coached Jr level 3. Last year I coached amethysts and will continue with them this year. I have enjoyed watching them progress throughout the last couple years and can't wait for the competition season to start to watch them shine.



Level 1 SCA certified


Brooke Isbister

 Broke Isbister is new to the club and excited to be a part of the WUC coaching staff and helping our family soar to new heights.


Melissa Stevens


Colleen Martyn


Ashleigh Nickel


Brooke Mozdzen


Marie Guenther

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